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People  & Parties With Panache POSH Palm Beach 2009 Gala

Sally Ann Howes, Douglas Rae, Arlene Dahl and Marc Rosen
Sally Ann Howes, Douglas Rae, Arlene Dahl and Marc Rosen.

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The second annual POSH Palm Beach event kicked off with a black tie dinner dance held at Club Colette on Wednesday, February 25, 2009.

Honorary chair, Arlene Dahl, welcomed guests and warmly thanked her chairladies: Catherine Adler, Iris Apfel, Kathy Bleznak, Kim Campbell, Linda Donahue, Diana Ecclestone, Ellen Jaffe, Grace Meigher, Talbott Maxey, Nancy Paul, Tricia Quick and Norma Tiefel.

Dr. Tara Cortes, president and CEO of Lighthouse International, spoke about the ongoing mission of the organization and announced further outreach into the Palm Beach community.

Volunteer auctioneer and POSH committee member, Tom Quick, asked everyone in the room to give thanks for living in this paradise and to support those who aren't as lucky. The live auction items included: an amazing custom designed and escorted trip to Argentina donated by Emmanuel Burgio, founder of boutique travel company Blue Parallel; a week's stay in Tuscany at a fabulous villa with staff and a pool donated by owner John McFadden. But, the really moving part of the evening was the ensemble bidding on the establishment of scholarships for the music and dance programs for children at The Lighthouse. Tom started it off with a $5,000 donation from the Quick Family Foundation.

Among those attending were: Arlene Dahl and Marc Rosen, Iris Apfel and Carl Apfel, Linda Donahue and Barry Donahue, Kim Campbell and Bud Palmer, Talbott Maxey, Tom Quick, Grace Meigher, Nancy Paul and Stephen Lindsay, Norma Tiefel and Bill Tiefel, Isabelle Leeds and Elliot Schnall, Carla Mann and George Mann, Marjorie Reed Gordon, John Daniels and Myrna Daniels, Frances Scaife and Tom McCarter, Helga Marston, Audrey del Rosario and Enriquillo del Rosario, Mai Hallingby Harrison, Anka Palitz, Rose Sachs, Beverly Sommer, Tom Schaeffer, Fran Weissler and Barry Weissler, Eles Gillet and James Kaufman, Mona de Sayve with Gonzalo Yanez, Kit Pannill and Bill Pannill, Farah Walters, Yolonde de Bonvouloir, Sally Ann Howes and husband Douglas Rae, Arnold Scaasi and Parker Ladd, Cynthia Boardman, Annette Allen, Somers Farkas, Fern Tailer and Jerry Tishman, Gloria Cohen and Sherman Cohen, Alfred Fiandaca, Diann Scaravilli, William Eubanks, Kate Gubelmann, Jay Page, Debby Maschmeyer, Jeremy Wiesen, Cynthia Witter, Rebecca Bruder, Edna Cohen, Carole Weller and Arthur Weller, Emmanuel Burgio, Townley Peters, Hayden Hosford, Annette Friedland and Jack Friedland, Calla Guild and Ralph Guild, Lynda Levitsky and Leonardo Levitsky, Susan Wexler, Roselle Sonnenschein and Marco Sonnenschein, Arlene Levine, Mario Nievera and Travis Howe, Kim Coleman, Ellie Goldberg and Eugene Goldberg, Jane Stillman, Bambi Putnam, Roberta Sabban, Margarita Abrashami and Bahram Abrashami, Neil London, among others.

Also attending: Lighthouse International president and CEO, Dr. Tara Cortes and husband Dr. Luis Cortes; Lighthouse senior vice president of Development, Hope Kessler; director of Merchandizing and Operations for POSH Palm Beach, Melinda Porter; and Lighthouse chairman of the Board, Roger O. Goldman and wife Fern, Board member, Barbara Saltzman and new Advisory Board member, Jean Shafiroff

The gala and sale benefit Lighthouse International. Founded in 1905, Lighthouse International is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to fighting vision loss through prevention, treatment and empowerment. It provides a wide range of services from clinical and rehabilitation services to education, research and advocacy.

Dr. Tara Cortes and Dr. Luis Cortes
Dr. Tara Cortes and Dr. Luis Cortes.

  Bill Tiefel and Norma Tiefel
Bill Tiefel and Norma Tiefel.

Fern Tailer and Roger O. Goldman
Fern Tailer and Roger O. Goldman.

Marjorie Reed Gordon and Tom Quick
Marjorie Reed Gordon and Tom Quick.

  Iris Apfel and Carl Apfel
Iris Apfel and Carl Apfel.

Arnold Scaasi, Talbott Maxey, Parker Ladd
Arnold Scaasi, Talbott Maxey, Parker Ladd.

Tom McCarter and Frances Scaife
Tom McCarter and Frances Scaife.

  Cynthia Boardman and Grace Meigher
Cynthia Boardman and Grace Meigher.

Bill Pannill and Kit Pannill
Bill Pannill and Kit Pannill.

  George Mann and Carla Mann
George Mann and Carla Mann.

Isabelle Leeds and Elliot Schnall
Isabelle Leeds and Elliot Schnall.

  Farah Walters and Fran Weissler
Farah Walters and Fran Weissler.

Mai Hallingby, Bill Eubanks, Anka Palitz
Mai Hallingby, Bill Eubanks, Anka Palitz.

Nancy Paul, Stephen Lindsay, Helga Marston
Nancy Paul, Stephen Lindsay, Helga Marston.

  Gloria Cohen and Sherman Cohen
Gloria Cohen and Sherman Cohen.

Jay Page and Melinda Porter
Jay Page and Melinda Porter.

  Bud Palmer and Kim Campbell
Bud Palmer and Kim Campbell.

Beverly Sommer, John Daniels and Myrna Daniels
Beverly Sommer, John Daniels and Myrna Daniels.

Kate Gubelmann and Annette Allen
Kate Gubelmann and Annette Allen.

Hope Kessler and Marc Rosen
Hope Kessler and Marc Rosen.

Photos: Lucien Capehart Photography
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