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People  & Parties With Panache Boston Public Library
Foundation Gala

Boston Public Library
Guests crossing from the BPL's historic McKim Building to the tent in Copley Square.

A group of talented mentors who attend Boston Public Schools celebrated with Mayor Menino and 450 guests at the Boston Public Library Foundation's annual fundraising gala, "Party on the Plaza"on Friday, June 6.  The event took place in a grand, warmly glowing tent with clear window ceiling panels in Copley Square as well as in the opulent National Historic Landmark McKim Building, often called “Boston's palace of the people.”  The Gala raised $1 million from generous donors to support lifelong learning, available free to all at the Boston Public Library (BPL).

Among the guests at the festivities were: Channel 5's Gail Huff and Senator Scott Brown; Sovereign Bank's Rosalin Acosta; Adorno & Yoss' Fred Alvaro; Marina Kalb and Christina Lyons of Portobello Road & Patrick Lyons; NSTAR's Tom May and wife Donna; Raytheon's Bill and Cheryl Swanson; Lia Glovsky; BPL trustees: Jeffrey Rudman, Donna DePrisco, Ray Tye, Zamawa Arenas, and Angelo Scaccia; concert pianist Michael Lewin and wife Dora Lewin of Bank of America; Constant Contact's Alec Stern; Ron O'Hanley, president The Bank of New York Mellon and chairman of the BPLF Board of Directors; vice-chair of the Foundation Sharyn Neble and her husband George Neble of Ernst & Young; BPLF director of Development  Daria Luz McLean;  Boston Public Library president Bernie Margolis and his wife Amanda Batey.

Guests were thrilled to view rare and unique items from the BPL's collections, which are some of the most important publicly owned items in the world.  Among the treasures on display were a volume of Cicero's orations from the personal library of President John Adams; a first edition of Copernicus' treatise On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres; a signed manuscript of Lope de Vega's El Castigo sin vengaza; Paul Revere's Autograph Manuscript Drawing of the Boston Massacre; the original manuscript of Walt Whitman's To a Locomotive; and a first edition of William Shakespeare's King Lear, published 400 years ago in 1608.

Outgoing Boston Public Library president Bernie Margolis and his wife Amanda Batey warmly greeted guests in the National Historic Landmark McKim Building and in the tent.  His accomplishments at the BPL over the past ten years were recognized throughout the evening.  Ronald O'Hanley, chairman of the Boston Public Library Foundation, and Sharyn Neble, vice chairman, thanked the guests for their dedicated support for the advancement of learning at America's first major public library.  Jeffrey Rudman of WilmerHale and chairman of the Boston Public Library Board of Trustees, thanked the Foundation for its work on behalf of the BPL and all who benefit from using its vast resources.

The Boston Public Library Foundation was founded in 1992 to enhance the public visibility and to raise public and private funds in support of the revitalization of the Boston Public Library and its 27 neighborhood branches. The Board of Directors, composed of business and community leaders, develops the Foundation's strategies and steers its initiatives. Since 1992, the Boston Public Library Foundation has raised more than $78 million.

Bernie Margolis and Emily Rooney
BPL president Bernie Margolis and Emily Rooney.

  Amy and Paul Kraft
Amy and Paul Kraft, BPL Foundation Board member.

Eric Birch and Sandra Moose
Eric Birch and Sandra Moose, chairman and president BPL Foundation.

  Kristina Hare Lyons and Marina Kalb
Kristina Hare Lyons and Marina Kalb.

Ron O'Hanley, Sharyn Neble
Ron O'Hanley, chairman of the BPLF Board and Sharyn Neble, vice-chair of the Foundation.

  Donna and Tom May
Donna and Tom May.

Cheryl and Bill Swanson
Cheryl and Bill Swanson, BPL Foundation Board member.

  Melanie Damsker and Bill Murphy
Melanie Damsker and Bill Murphy.

Derek Hibbard, Leslie Solomon, Amanda Knox and Tyler Hoffman
Derek Hibbard, Leslie Solomon, Amanda Knox and Tyler Hoffman.

Anne and Andrew Sternlicht,  Michelle and Steve Garfinkel
Anne and Andrew Sternlicht with Michelle and Steve Garfinkel.

Kristen and Dean Maines
Kristen and Dean Maines.

  Guest and Richard DeAgazio
Guest and Richard DeAgazio.

Deb Rosenbloom and Mark Tracy
Deb Rosenbloom and Mark Tracy.

  Alec Stern and Grayson Moore
Alec Stern and Grayson Moore.

The Tent
The Tent.

Photos: Roger Farrington
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