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Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
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The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) has been recognized as the "#1 Rehabilitation Hospital in America" since 1991 by U.S. News & World Report. No other specialty hospital has been consecutively ranked the "#1" by U.S. News & World Report for so long.

Founded in 1954, RIC has earned a worldwide reputation as being a leader in patient care, advocacy, research and educating health professionals in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Key People

The RIC Foundation Board of Directors


King W. Harris

Constance B. Coolidge
Vice Chairman

Wesley M. Dixon Jr.
Vice Chairman

Joanne C. Smith, MD (Ex-Officio)

Jill F. Almeida
Kathleen Andreoli, MD
Phyllis L. Apelbaum
Henry B. Betts, MD
Suzette Bulley
John D. Cartland
Strachan Donnelley, PhD
Murrell J. Higgins Duster
Linda L. Emanuel, MD
Louise R. Glasser
J. Douglas Gray
Keith Goldstein
Ajay Gupta
J. Larry Jameson, MD, PhD (Ex-Officio)
John A. Kessler, MD
Ginger Lane
Jennifer Lane Landolt (Ex-Officio)
Michael E. Lavin
Patricia Lear (Ex-Officio)
Ronald S. Levin
Charles I Maniscalco
Robert C. McCormack
Eric T. McKissack
Carlette McMullan
John A. Miller
Peer Pedersen, Esq.
Mayari S. Pritzker, PhD
Steven T. Rosen, MD
The Hon. Ilana Diamond Rovner
D. Gideon Searle
Ella D. Strubel
Terence P. Sullivan, MD
Ronald L. Taylor
Theodore D. Tieken Jr.
Stephen B. Timbers
William S. Wardrop Jr.
Latham Williams
Robert E. Wood II

National Members
Sen. Robert J. Dole, Esq.
John H. Pinto
Nancy Ertle Tarika
Life Members
Robert G. Addison, MD
Charles H. Barrow
Marca Bristo
John Bross
Robert N. Burt
Charles F. Clarke Jr.
John V. Crowe
Joanne S. Crown
Charles R. Feldstein
H. Laurance Fuller
Mary Galvin
Helen F. Goodkin
Arthur O. Kane, Esq.
Bill Kurtis
John H. McDermott, Esq.
E. Loretta (Lollie) McKeon
Paul R. Meyer Jr., MD
Edward J. Mooney
Judith Neisser
Frederick H. Prince
Gordon S. Prussian
Stuart L. Scott
Goff Smith
Gordon H. Smith
S. David Stulburg, MD
Frederick H. Wackerle
Yeong-Chi Wu, MD

Special Events
Media Coverage
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1.Alessandra Branca
2.Ann Barlow
3.Anne Hokin
4.Astra Gamsjaeger
5.Britt Taner
6.Christopher Kennedy
7.Connie Coolidge
8.Courtney Eber
9.Diana Hall
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