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John Veronis
a.k.a. (also known as)
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AFIPO Board VP Lauren Veronis and John Veronis at the 2008 New York Gala of the American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic. Photo: Chris Lee

John J. Veronis, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, is also Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Veronis Suhler Stevenson and a Senior Managing Member of the General Partner of the Fund.

BA, Lafayette College
MBA, New York University

Married to Lauren Veronis

Mr. Veronis' involvement in Media spans over four decades and reflects a rare combination of corporate and entrepreneurial success. He has founded, owned, operated, served on the Board of Directors and/or served as an executive across a broad spectrum of Media, including magazine and book publishing, radio and television broadcasting, cable television, college textbook publishing, book clubs, educational films and newsletters. Prior to co-founding VSS in 1981, Mr. Veronis co-founded Psychology Today, one of the most successful magazine launches of its time, which expanded its operations into textbooks, book clubs and educational films. He subsequently started Book Digest magazine, which grew to a circulation of one million under his direction. Earlier in his career, he was President of Curtis Magazines, publisher of Ladies' Home Journal and served as a general Corporate Executive at Interpublic Group of Companies.

Mr. Veronis has served on the Boards of Hanley Wood, Centaur Communications, The Official Information Company, Rifkin Acquisition Partners, Triax Midwest Associates, Broadcasting Partners Holdings, Cable Management Ireland, B&B Merger Corporation, Triax Southeast Associates, and International Media Partners.

Director, Metropolitan Opera
Former Trustee,  Carnegie Hall
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